Berkeley Neighborhoods Council


Dedicated to improving the quality of life for all
by creating a unified neighborhood voice
for promoting livability and resolving problems


What The Berkeley Neighborhoods Council Is All About

The Berkeley Neighborhoods Council (BNC) is a coalition of neighborhood groups of residents from all parts of Berkeley who have come together over such issues as development, traffic, crime, parks and open space, disaster preparedness, and the environment.

Since launching this website and publishing an electronic newsletter we have grown significantly.  However, we must continue on that path if we are to be effective in giving neighborhoods a voice that will be heard, now and into the future.  You can read our current and all past issues of our eNEWS by clicking on the appropriate links above.  THEN, most importantly, forward the current eNEWS issue to everyone on your own neighborhood or personal e-mail list so that the information reaches as many people as possible, and ask them to do the same thing.  Small steps carried out consistently by individuals make a real difference that eventually will turn into an enormous impact.

BNC is dedicated to becoming a voice for positive change.  Some elected City of Berkeley officials have stated there are only a handful of individuals who oppose everything.  That's not true, and BNC doesn't want to be, or even seem to be, only naysayers.

BNC strives to present information that can be relied upon to be credible.  Spot an error, or any problem whatsoever, or if you disagree, let us know.  Better yet, step right in and join the conversation!

We invite every neighborhood, especially yours, to participate in BNC.  It doesn't matter whether a group has been established for years, or is just now organizing.  Both are welcome partners in BNC.  Our neighborhood voice is only as strong as the number of us that join together.  Your neighborhood can participate by simply coming to the BNC meetings and joining the discussion.  Our contact e-mail is to get time, place and date of our meetings.  Please join us and help make Berkeley a safer and more livable community, one where the neighborhoods have a real voice that is heard and one that provides a pathway into the future.

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