Berkeley Neighborhoods Council


Dedicated to improving the quality of life for all
by creating a unified neighborhood voice
for promoting livability and resolving problems


Berkeley Neighborhoods Council Statement of Purpose

The City of Berkeley has a long history of neighborhood groups and associations banding together to resolve problems and issues conceming them. Over time the process has diminished.

The Berkeley Neighborhood Council (BNC) was created to:

  • To assist in protecting and improving the livability of our neighborhoods.
  • Organizing the many and varied individual neighborhoods in the City of Berkeley to allow them to know that each exists and share their concerns.
  • To encourage and help neighborhoods organize into groups or associations and join BNC.
  • To support each other as problems and issues in a particular neighborhood occur.
  • To gain political leverage with our local govemment including elected officials and city staff.
  • To provide a means for neighborhood organizations to communicate with each other.