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Today's Post:  MEASURE M

Measure M is a $30 million bond measure that only generally describes how the money would be allocated.  It stated that the funds in unspecified amounts would be used for:

  • Street repair consistent with the 5-year Street Repair Plan, as it is adjusted annually
  • Installation of Green Infrastructure as part of the above Street Repair Plan, including but not limited to rain gardens, swales, bio-retention cells, permeable paving, etc. within parking strips, red zone curb extension and in-street medians and large underground storage pipes which would fill during storm events and discharge metered flows into existing storm drain pipelines
  • Design, permitting, administrative and overhead costs

Measure M was approved by the voters in November 2012.  The planning process was started on April 4, 2013 with a meeting to provide background information to the public.  A second meeting was held on May 2 to provide information on Berkeley's infrastructure needs and describe the process to prepare an implementation plan.  A third meeting was held July 18th to seek public input on proposed Measure M prioritization recommendations that will come to the City Council.  All of the information gathered to date can be found on the City of Berkeley's website, going to the Public Works Department and clicking on “Measure M:  the Public Works Commission and the Public Process” or by going to Board and Commission, Public Works Commission to read the agendas and minutes.  Actual work under the Measure is scheduled to begin in January 2014.

Unfortunately, “all the information” is quite limited.  “Measure M:  the Public Works Commission and the Public Process” gives you the dates mentioned above, the old Street Repair Plan, Lists of policies regarding various items, and a diagram of the Measure M process.  The minutes of the Public Works Commission meetings about what has been decided have not been posted since March 7, 2013!

BNC will see what we can do about getting better information out to the public.  Neighborhoods should watch this process carefully.