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BNC eNEWS, Issue 2, September 2013

The Berkeley Neighborhoods Council (BNC) wants to share news and issues with all neighborhood groups in Berkeley, whether formally organized or just a few people.  We want the good news and the bad news about neighborhood projects, events, public safety issues or any other matters or concerns that you want to share with other Berkeley neighborhoods so that we can effectively carry out our Statement of Purpose.  We have made some changes in the Newsletter based on your comments so that you will now be able to access a single article at a time rather than all the articles when you want to read only one, we've alphabetized the Consulting Organizations, and we've added a new section, The Neighborhood Forum to publish articles written by readers.  The Newsletter will continue to evolve and improve with your comments and suggestions.

  • What We're Thinking AboutWest Berkeley Development, the Elephant in the Room.  Read about another giant building going up next to the railroad tracks and the other pending applications that will affect lots of other neighborhoods, far and near.  Read also, a Redistricting update.
  • Neighborhood News, Round and About:  Find out whether the big name franchise will receive preferential treatment on the corner of Telegraph and Ashby, how many micro-units will be built at Shattuck and Derby, and whether the Council will make it easier to demolish small, older apartment buildings and replace them with new, larger ones?
  • Featured Neighborhoods:  A coalition of neighborhoods, the Planning Commission and Council have worked together to find a solution to the mini-dorm issue, but another step is still necessary.
  • NEW THIS ISSUE The Neighborhood Forum:  Read how one neighborhood association dealt with the street people in their neighborhood business district.
  • Outside Agencies that Affect Berkeley:  Three lawsuits have been filed against the One Bay Area Plan for three different reasons.  Read what step BNC has taken to ensure that residents are better informed about what is happening that affects our community.
  • The Cultural Corner:  Is there really a Brazilian Center in Berkeley?
  • On The Neighborhood Food Prowl:  Learn where you can buy the freshest fish in the East Bay, lots of other things as well, and grab the perfect alfresco lunch.
  • Let's Just Get It Fixed:  That's what happened around Iceland.
  • Neighborhood Watch Calendar:  Find out about how you can help improve our parks and facilities and what is happening with your 30 Million Measure M tax dollars.
  • Letters:  What's on the minds of our readers?  Is BNC a special interest group that's not needed?  Can the giant thistles in Cesar Chavez Park be saved?

We hope you enjoy Issue 2 of the BNC eNEWS.  Send us your thoughts and your news at  We want to hear from you.