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Letter Offering Assistance with a Problem Facing All Berkeley Neighborhoods

Dear BNC Newsletter:
I live in central Berkeley near the corner of Carleton Street and Fulton Street, and I see a lot of flyers for lost pets in my neighborhood and surrounding community.  I know how stressful it can be to lose a pet, so I've started a Facebook group called “Pets Lost and found - Berkeley.”  The main purpose of the group is to provide an additional resource, as well as a community bulletin board, for people who are missing their pets, or have found a lost animal, in the Berkeley area.
Our group is growing quickly, and we have recently held a group event to spread the word and connect with other members.  I am currently making an extended effort to invite and enroll as many people as possible throughout Berkeley to join this Facebook group.  The more people we have in the group, the more eyes we will have out in the community to help find lost pets and get them home safely.
The website for the Pets group is:
Or, you can simply type “Pets Lost and found - Berkeley” into the Facebook search bar and the group will come up.
Because so many people are now on Facebook, my hope is that this group will continue to grow and help more people reconnect with their lost pets, prevent animals from entering the shelter system, and get animals that have homes out of shelters.  I also see this group as a great way to connect more people in our neighborhoods through a common interest, and create opportunities to share ideas on ways to protect our companion animals.
Thank you,
Marieka Schrader

BNC Response:

We've published this letter because this problem affects every neighborhood and when it happens, it can be so devastating.  We sincerely hope that this is one way to help unite owners with their lost pets.  We'd love to hear about and print any success stories in the future.