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The Let's Just Get It Fixed Column

Here's what one (formerly) unwary bicyclist would like to see fixed

Traveling westward between 8th and 7th Streets on Addison, near where parents drop their kids off at the Black Pine School, there is a stretch of road lying in wait for the unwary bicyclist.  Rather than a simple pot hole, it is a “pot hole zone” that pretty much stretches across the westbound lane.  It is enough to throw an unwary bicyclist off his mount if one does not notice it.  I have been caught twice, once at night and once in the dark shade of trees.  That is enough to make a strong impression.  At the least, encountering this “pot hole zone” is uncomfortable and jarring.  If one is lucky enough to see it in advance, one must go around it by swerving toward the oncoming lane of the street, or stand on one's pedals and grip the bars and just take the bump.

This is a place where road work was done and patched with asphalt that was too wet, and never cured.  Cars and trucks have made it into an undulating bump that has a real ”kick.”  What needs to be done is to find the responsible party and have them replace it with proper asphalt.  Addison Street is a major bicycle route, so this bad job is a nuisance and a danger to bike riders.

BNC Comment

BNC says thank you for letting us, and others, know about this problem.  We will inform the Department of Public Works and see if we can't get it fixed.