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Cesar Chavez Park Letter from Chris Kroll

Cesar Chavez Park

From: christopher kroll <>

Date: Tue, May 14, 2024 at 5:14 PM
Subject: Re: March News: Community Safety Mtg, Ohlone Greenway Funding & More
To: Gerstein, Beth <>, All Council <>, BeautifulSanPablo <>
Cc: Kesarwani, Rashi <>

Hi Beth -
When will we be hearing from your office about Cesar Chavez Park? The news is getting worse with this article from the Los Angeles Times

First the lack of proper methane control and now possible history of dumping of radioactive material over years.   A city rep is quoted in the article saying "everything is fine" and the reporter writes that that is not true.  That's kind of unusual for a journalist.

When will the people of CD1 (and Berkeley) hear from our councilperson and/or city manager about these serious issues with possibly major health implications for residents of West Berkeley, regular users of the waterfront and the flora and fauna that have become established at the waterfront. The contaminated site in Richmond is fenced off from public use pending long delayed remediation.  What's the City of Berkeley's plan here?

Can Councilmember Kesarwani or someone from the city manager's office speak to the residents of CD1 about what is happening at Cesar Chavez Park and what the plan moving forward is?

Thank you

Christopher Kroll

West Berkeley

CD 1